Job Applications and Accessibility

As shotgunflat becomes more and more educated on the issue of website accessibility, we're feeling like there really is no end to the list of everyday life tasks where people may be affected by accessibility issues. For example, I just came across a peer-reviewed article in the Journal of Usability Studies that found that only 28% of online job applications attempted by blind, screen-reader users could be completed without assistance. This means that the web, which we love to think of as open to everyone, is receiving a failing grade when it comes to our blind or visually impaired population--folks with visual impairment are having a difficult time even applying for a job.

The document is a fascinating read, and I highly recommend it, but I'll summarize the it for you here: among other things, the researchers concluded that "It is essential that companies ensure that their online employment applications are accessible and usable for all individuals, including individuals with disabilities."

Making an online job application accessible is not too difficult, and it can and should be done. 

The thing that is most exciting to us as we continue to assist our clients with accessibility needs is that most of them have websites that require only a modest amount of effort to bring them into a state of accessibility.