The Best Accessibility Page We've Seen Yet

One of the more interesting parts of the day for us includes researching the web to see what industry leaders are up to in order to make the web more accessible. There are a lot of good companies doing great things these days, but one recently stood out to us, and we think it warrants note here: Capital One. While it's far from perfect, the site is in a better place than most.

What We Like: The Accessibility Commitment page is more than an afterthought.

It's actually a useful page, rather than something that looks like it was thrown together in haste. The page features the following:

  • Their accessibility commitment language. They talk about their commitment to accessibility, which includes allowing users to request minor modifications to the site. 
  • Multiple options for contacting them to discuss accessibility questions or concerns.
  • Proof of their commitment, with external links to some initiatives they're a part of (including a cool one-hour presentation at SXSW).
  • Some great tips to help users, with simple instructions on things like how to zoom in on your screen, and how to find and use a screen reader. 
  • You can view the page here
A screenshot of the Capital One Accessibility Statement Page. 

Room For IMprovement

Nobody's perfect. A few things we'd love to see Capital One fix:

  • The hero image of a group of people in wheelchairs feels forced/misses the mark a bit.
  • The home page of the Capital One site needs some basic help (images without alt tags, for example).  The accessibility page scores a 100 in a quick Lighthouse test, but the home page leaves some serious room for improvement. 
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